Brass, Stainless Steel or Bronze Commemorative Plaques

A Plaque is the ultimate sign of success! Whether its for the commemorative opening of a public building, or to list the partners of a Law Practice or Doctors Surgery or the panache of a traditional engraved sign to portray quality, then a polished brass engraved sign mounted on a raised hardwood plinth is the ultimate choice. We also provide the loan of Unveilling Curtains and a fitting service where necessary.

Normal sizes are:
300mm x 400mm x 3mm plaque with 400mm x 500mm hardwood plinth
600mm x 400mm x 3mm plaque with 500mm x 700mm hardwood plinth

(…we assume size depends on how important the person is unveilling it!)

However, a variety of other materials are available depending on your application, i.e. Stainless Steel, Bronze Etc. We can also supply alternative plinths to the traditional hardwood board, such as makrolon polycarbonate, suitable for exterior plaques and for a more ‘futuristic’ looking sign.