Eye Catching, cost effective and portable. 

 Success in business depends on attracting customers, and the way to do that is to grab their attention. Promotional flags have become an essential advertising method for many retail and service businesses because they are cost effective,

portable, and easily customised.

Old fashioned high visible advertising combined with lightweight modern materials guarantees aneye-catching, high quality colour display which flaps in the breeze providing constant movement to attract passers-by and potential customers,

however, even if there is no wind the pole holdsthe flag under tension so it is always visible.

We can be manufacture the flags in a variety of shapes, feather, quill, crest or rectangle and allprinted with vibrant, eye-catching designsmanufactured them from 2.8m to 6m.

The flags come with a fibreglass/aluminium telescopic pole and carrying case which can be easily deployed using a ground spike for softground; a plastic water filled base; a heavy metal base or a tyre bracket for car sales etc.

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