Spectacular high resolution photography for every commercial application. In studio, on site or on location. Whether you want to advertise yourself, promote your company, or your country, we combine new technology with classic techniques to give you stunning results.

Here at Blitz Media, we offer a high quality photographic service that will help create the right image for your business, service or product.

Our photography services include:

  • Product Photography
  • Corporate Portraits
  • Commercial Photography
  • Promotional Photography

With over 35 years of experience, we combine creativity in light with expertise in skilled camera technique to give you the absolute best in high quality professional photography. Everything from camera to print is produced in-house to ensure quality and continuity…at the right price.

Whether you are an individual, group or prospective model and want a traditional or casual lifestyle sitting; either way we will give you the best picture possible.

We don’t need to offer complex hard sell packages since of our photography and service is without question….simply have a look at the client list on our about us page!


We have a warm spacious commercial studio with a swept infinity cove to give seamless white or black backgrounds, suitable for larger groups, lifestyle activity sessions or commercial model portfolios.
We supply all standard backgrounds, but if you need something special we can simply produce a background of your choice via our large format printers – ultimately if you really want to, we can set you against virtually any background via the magic of CGI.

The Quality

We have a theatrical overhead lighting gantry which means there are no stands or wires to trip over which is a great safety feature when photographing over active youngsters!


Everything is photographed on high resolution professional cameras and edited with Adobe software on Apple iMac. We print in house with ultra-high resolution large format printers directly onto – photo paper poster paper, self-adhesive vinyl and artist canvas, same day if needed.

Studio and Advertising Photography

We have a dedicated studio area permanently set up for advertising Pack Shot photography, with continuous 360 degree lighting to ensure perfect floating images of your product.
Our large General Studio on the first floor is designed for multi purpose use with the option of both static black and static white infinity cove cycloramas for seamless and shadowless backgrounds, ideal for catalogue or modelling applications. We also have a large theme wall with a multi-roll system to enable creative or specific backgrounds, which we can print an manufacture on site if you require.

The studio has blacked out ceiling, walls and floor to ensure exact lighting control and has an moving overhead lighting gantry equipped with both Bowens Daylight Flash and Arrilite 800 tungsten continuous lighting for photography or film use, which from a health and safety point is particularly useful when photographing a studio full of children for a clothing catalogue. We have every type of light modification to ensure perfect shadow, contrast and mood which can also be enhance via the smoke or wind machine.

Ultimately, if you have a room set or large product which needs photographing our downstairs studio space is drive-in, so your goods can be brought in under cover regardless of the weather, in this instance we build the studio around the product – and for your security and peace of mind the studio is protected by a bonded secure compound.

This is a professional studio which has evolved around our customers requirements. Our studio costs may be a little higher than our competition, but if you value your product and require a professional result to be viewed globally at either Billboard, Magazine or T.V. Broadcast level, or just want to be ahead of your competitors at local level, then you need to visit us to ensure that its done right, first time.

If you have specific requirements, please contact us or telephone us on 01495 752980 to discuss your project in more detail.